Your how-to guide to stop accepting Average and Start Living Your Purpose!
Thriving after 30
You're never to old to be great
Your how-to guide to stop accepting Average and Start Living Your Purpose!
If you're in your 30s or 40s, chances are that you know what it means to be struggling when it comes time for a change. Thriving after 30 equips you with the healthy changes needed. We'll show you how to grow in areas where change is desired and give inspiration along the way! It's time to Thrive instead of surviving!

"What's next?" It may seem like a question only reserved for the young, the ambitious, and those with nothing to lose. But what if you're looking to create change in your life now that you've "arrived" at 30 or beyond? Now that you're finally getting emotionally healthy or tackling an unhealthy habit? Here's your opportunity to stake your claim on self-fulfillment; now is one of those moments when life is starting out fresh for you. With your copy of Thriving After 30.
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Thriving after 30 is your road map to unlocking your full potential

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Help you regain control of your life (page 16)

  • Gain a sense of empowerment and clarity into who you are as a whole person (Page 19)

  • Discover your own version of  success, rather than accepting what society expects (Page 59)

  • ​Learn how to thrive after 30, make decisions based on your personal morals (29)
  • ​Plus Thoughts to help you Thrive Audio collection. 10 FREE audio clips. 
  • ​Designed to Remove limiting beliefs
  • ​Break through Road blocks 
    Designed and created by Meiyoko Taylor 
  • ​  Value of over $17 
What People Are Saying:
“Meiyoko helped me realize that my potential for greatness wasn’t used up as I originally thought, it was yet to be fully tapped into. He helped me understand my value and now at 44, I continue to push my level of success to new heights. This book will be a turning point for many in the right direction”

-John “Doe Knows” Ellis
Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Master Networker

 “At the age of 30 life had just started for me. There is truly no age limit when it comes to success. Work hard, dig deep and success will be on the horizon. I went through ups and downs in my life, but I can honestly say I believe the rest of my life is the best of my life. Whether physically, financially, or spiritually it has gotten better with time. I can truly say I am in my thirties and I am thriving!”

-Eddie “Truck” Gordon
 NY Emmy Award Winner, Best Selling Author, Speaker & “The Ultimate Fighter” Champion

 “ThrivingAfter30 takes off the bandaid and addresses the ways we need to heal our cuts. Meiyoko digs deep into figuring out who we are and what makes us tick. Not just in one area, but in every aspect of our lives. Meiyoko’s messages is articulated in way that makes you think thoroughly, and constantly seek ways on how to positively improve your life for the better."

- Akeem Hayes
Olympic Bronze Medalist, Motivational Speaker and Author of “Fear, Faith & Fruition”

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